“Why Jennifer Lawrence Embraced Body Positivity and Resisted Hollywood’s Beauty Standards in ‘The Hunger Games'”

Jennifer has previously emphasized the significance of considering the impact of her roles and how it can positively affect the younger audience.

In a recent chat with Viola Davis for Variety’s Actors on Actors, Jennifer Lawrence shared her thoughts about one of her significant movie roles and her journey in the film industry.

During a conversation, two actresses discussed how Hollywood perceives body image. They disclosed that when one of them landed her breakthrough role as Katniss in ‘The Hunger Games’, she was asked to lose weight, which she promptly refused. The 32-year-old actress stated that she did not want to follow an extreme diet because she was concerned about the impact it would have on young viewers who saw the character on the big screen. She added that she did not want young girls who dressed up as Katniss to feel that they had to be a particular size. The actress emphasized that she was unwilling to let such thoughts invade her mind.

Jennifer has emphasized the significance of considering the impact of her roles and pre-production decisions on younger viewers before. In a previous interview with Glamour, the actress stated that she exercises regularly but doesn’t believe in dieting. She explained that it’s impossible to work when you’re hungry. During a 2013 BBC interview, Jennifer shared that her character was supposed to be “incredibly thin” because of Katniss’s challenging situation in the story, as she was about to fight for District 12. However, she opted to change that perspective since they had the power to control the image that young girls would see.

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