“Spread the Love: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Heart-Printed Ensembles at iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas”

At the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas, Miley Cyrus graced the stage in an outfit that perfectly matched the event’s theme. The 24-year-old songstress flaunted a sheer fabric ensemble that featured lovely heart designs. Her white pants were beautifully accentuated with red love hearts, which also highlighted her red panties peeking through.

All heart: Miley Cyrus was all about sticking to the theme when she stepped out at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas on Saturday

During the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas, Miley Cyrus showed off her trendy fashion sense. She confidently sported a matching crop top and displayed her well-toned abs, along with a stylish naval piercing. Her chic attire was elevated with a sheer long shirt coat that had built-in gloves. Miley added a playful touch to her outfit by accessorizing with plastic red heart rings, bangles, and earrings. To complete the look, she chose striking red stilettos and bold lipstick. Miley Cyrus truly owned the essence of fashion at the event.

With love: The 24-year-old - who performed on day two of the festival - wore an appropriately themed love heart ensemble

Showing love: During the second day of the festival, a performer sported a stunning outfit featuring heart designs that perfectly matched the romantic vibe of the occasion.

Revealing all: Opting for sheer fabric, the Wrecking Ball singer's pink panties were visible through her white tapered leg pants, which were printed with red love hearts

Miley Cyrus chose an outfit that exuded playfulness and sensuality. She made a daring fashion statement by wearing sheer pants decorated with red love hearts, adding a fun element to her look. The see-through material showcased her pink panties, adding a touch of sensuality to her outfit. To give an edgy twist, Miley styled her blonde hair in a quiff at the front. Later on, she switched to a high-neck metal sequined mini-dress adorned with black beaded fringing along the hemline, sleeves, and shoulders. The dress also featured a sheer mesh panel shaped like a love heart over her chest, making for a bold and unique fashion statement.

Heavy metal: Later stepping onto the stage, Miley changed into an elaborate high-neck gun metal sequinned creation

As Miley made her way to the stage, all eyes were on her stunning ensemble. The gunmetal sequins were intricately crafted and adorned every inch of her outfit. The high neckline added a touch of elegance to the overall heavy-metal look, perfectly matching Miley’s bold and fearless personality. Her fashion sense was truly unmatched and left a lasting impression on everyone in the audience.

Fringe benefits: The mini-dress featured black beaded fringing along the hemline, sleeves and shoulders, as well as a sheer mesh panel shaped like a love heart over her chest

Other benefits of this dress include its charming hemline, sleeves, and shoulders adorned with a lovely black beaded fringe. Additionally, the dress features a unique mesh panel that forms a heart shape over the chest area, adding to its overall appeal.

All heart: On the back, the dress featured a cut-out panel in the shape of a big love heart. She also wore thigh-high black sparkly stiletto boots

The dress she wore had an interesting detail at the back – a cut-out section shaped like a huge heart. To complement the dress, she had on striking black stiletto boots that shone brilliantly and reached up to her thighs.

Reigning it in... It was a decidedly toned down look for the often outrageous star, who is renowned for her attention-grabbing antics

Taking a break from her usual attention-grabbing style, a famous personality opted for a more subdued look. Sporting a dress that featured a heart-shaped cutout at the back, she completed her outfit with glossy black thigh-high boots. It was a departure from her usual flamboyant fashion choices.

Sister act: Miley's younger sister, Noah Cyrus also performed during the festival. The 17-year-old Stay Together singer wore an oversize white Moschino sweater

The festival-goers were wowed by the musical prowess of Noah Cyrus, who happens to be the younger sister of Miley Cyrus. Despite her tender age of 17, Noah performed with great confidence and sang her hit single “Stay Together” flawlessly. Her outfit was on-point as she wore a white Moschino sweater that perfectly complemented her relaxed and oversized look.

Red-dy for it... Noah also donned over-the-knee red high-heel boots and wore a black grommet choker necklace

Are you excited for what’s in store? The event was treated to an amazing performance by Noah Cyrus, a talented artist who also happens to be Miley Cyrus’ younger sister. Her outfit was eye-catching, featuring an oversized Moschino sweater with bold red and blue designs. What really stood out were her fashion choices, notably her daring over-the-knee red high-heeled boots and elegant black velvet choker necklace. Needless to say, she turned heads with her stunning ensemble.

Comeback queen: Kesha also made a welcome return to the stage on the back of the release of her highly anticipated new album, Rainbow

Kesha left her fans in awe with an incredible performance, promoting her much-awaited album “Rainbow” while displaying her impressive, unbreakable personality.

Wild west: The 30-year-old Praying singer stepped out in a western inspired get-up. She wore black velvet pants embroidered with flowers and a matching black velvet blazer

Praying, the renowned singer, was spotted wearing a chic ensemble that gave off an unmistakable wild west feel. She flaunted a western-inspired appearance complete with black velvet pants embroidered with delicate floral patterns and paired with a matching black velvet jacket. At 30 years old, the songstress effortlessly showcased her keen fashion sense in this unique style.

Hug it out: The singer was seen happily embracing Macklemore, 34, onstage, who she collaborated with on the track, Good Old Days

Spread some love! Kesha and Macklemore recently shared a touching moment on stage while performing their hit song “Good Old Days.” Kesha’s latest album, “Rainbow,” has also been receiving a lot of positive attention. During the performance, Kesha looked stunning in a stylish western outfit adorned with black velvet pants and matching blazer embroidered with beautiful floral designs.

Standing tall: Heidi Klum was spotted backstage chatting with David Spade. The 44-year-old German supermodel looked her usual stunning self in a slinky long black skirt

Heidi Klum was spotted having a conversation with David Spade backstage. The beautiful 44-year-old German supermodel looked absolutely gorgeous in her elegant long black skirt when viewed from afar.

Happy to see her... The newly single star was seen embracing host Ryan Seacrest backstage as they caught up

It was a pleasure to witness a well-known individual who recently became single interacting with Ryan Seacrest backstage. The celebrity looked stunning in a black western-style button-up shirt, which she paired with two loose braids in her long blonde hair. She greeted Macklemore on stage with open arms, beaming with joy and contentment as they celebrated their hit track ‘Good Old Days.’ Other notable personalities, such as Heidi Klum and David Spade, were also present backstage and engaged in lively conversations with Ryan Seacrest and others.

Flying solo: Also in attendance on day two was Niall Horan. The 24-year-old Slow Hands singer posed for photos on the red carpet in skinny black jeans and a white T-shirt

On the event’s second day, Niall Horan was spotted solo. The renowned 24-year-old singer of “Slow Hands” posed for several photographs, donning a trendy set of black slim-fit jeans and a classic white t-shirt.

Costume change: Later taking to the stage, the One Direction star slightly changed up his look, performing in skinny dark blue jeans and a blue Hawaiian-print shirt

Variations in Attire: After his performance on stage, one of the One Direction band members decided to switch up his wardrobe and was seen sporting a pair of well-fitting navy blue jeans and a Hawaiian shirt with blue tones. The mesmerizing 44-year-old German model maintained her alluring appearance by donning a chic black maxi skirt accompanied by a sheer black top decorated with floral embroidery and frills. To complete her look, she opted for clear lace high heels that flawlessly complemented her smoky eye makeup. The second day of the event also welcomed the presence of Niall Horan.

Double act: Niall's One Direction bandmate Louis Tomlinson also performed during day two of the festival, alongside Bebe Rexha

During the festival’s second day, Louise Tomlinson from One Direction partnered with Bebe Rexha to deliver an electrifying performance that wowed the crowd. Their skills were exceptional and their show left a lasting impression on the audience. It was an unforgettable experience that left everyone in awe.

Golden girl: Bebe took to the stage in gold lame pants and a matching boob tube. The 28-year-old singer also wore a gold belt with the word 'LOVE' across it

The beautiful Bebé stole the show in a dazzling outfit consisting of shiny golden pants and a matching tube top. She accessorized with a belt that had the word ‘LOVE’ written in gold letters which gave her look an extra touch of glamor. Despite her young age of just 28 years, she radiated a sense of elegance and sophistication through her fashion choices.

With thanks: For his performance, Louis stepped out in a pair of light blue jeans and a white hooded sweater, printed with the words 'THANK YOU' in red text and written upside down

At a recent performance, Louis Tomlinson showed off his bold fashion sense by donning light blue denim and a white hoodie with the phrase ‘THANK YOU’ printed upside down in red. The 24-year-old singer, known for his hit song ‘Slow Hands’, effortlessly rocked the red carpet with his skinny black pants and white t-shirt, while adding some flair to his outfit with an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt and black Chelsea boots. During his performance, he switched into darker denim jeans and a partially unbuttoned blue Hawaiian shirt, giving him a cool and appreciative look that stood out from the crowd. Overall, Louis’ attire was both eye-catching and unique.

Good Lorde! Lorde also performed on the second day of the festival. The 20-year-old Green Light singer wore wide-leg black pants, which were studded with silver gems

Isn’t it just mind-blowing? The festival’s second day was absolutely brought to life by Lorde’s outstanding performance. This sensational 20-year-old artist donned a stylish pair of black wide-legged trousers, adorned with stunning silver details.

Mixing it up: It was a change from earlier in the day, when the New Zealand-born star had posed for photos on the red carpet in a long black dress with spaghetti straps

The famous singer from New Zealand has recently made a noticeable change to her appearance. She was seen wearing a gorgeous black dress with thin straps, along with a pair of stylish tan boots while taking pictures later in the day. In addition, Louis Tomlinson, who used to be a part of One Direction, performed on the second day of the festival wearing a casual outfit consisting of light blue jeans and a white hoodie that had the words “THANK YOU” printed upside down in red letters. Harry Styles had already performed the day before.

All that glitters... Also performing was Kelsea Ballerini. The 24-year-old Peter Pan singer looked sparkly in midnight blue sequinned hotpants

It is not uncommon for us to be drawn towards shiny and sparkly things, which was exactly what happened when Kelsea Ballerini performed on stage. This rising star, famous for her hit song “Peter Pan,” mesmerized the audience with her striking midnight blue hot pants adorned with glimmering sequins.

Blackout: Halsey also performed at the festival, stepping out in a pair of high-waisted black satin cargo pants

The festival attendees were left in awe by Halsey’s remarkable performance, which showcased her unique personal style. She looked especially breathtaking wearing a chic set of high-waisted cargo pants made from the smoothest black satin material.

Rocking out: The 22-year-old Now Or Never singer also wore black patent leather boots and a sheer long-sleeve black cropped top

During the music session, an energetic and youthful vocalist, aged 22 and renowned for his popular song “Now Or Never,” was spotted sporting black leather boots and a see-through black cropped top with long sleeves. Meanwhile, a 25-year-old singer who is famous for his track “Back To You” performed on stage collaborating with Bebe Rexha, dressed in exquisite matching gold lame pants and a boob tube. Additionally, a talented 28-year-old singer, well-known for the hit single “In The Name Of Love,” sported detachable golden sleeves and a gold belt that featured the word ‘LOVE’ to keep up with the fashion trends.

Showman: French Montana also performed, with the 32-year-old Unforgettable singer taking to the stage in black jeans and a black and white letterman jacket

French Montana was part of the show, looking cool in his fashionable outfit composed of black denim pants and a black-and-white varsity jacket as he sang his hit song “Unforgettable.”

Putting in an appearance... Other stars who attended the festival included Taylor Lautner (left) and Jack Antonoff (right)

Putting in an appearance... Other stars who attended the festival included Taylor Lautner (left) and Jack Antonoff (right)

Making their grand entrance, the festival was blessed with the presence of renowned figures including Taylor Lautner (depicted on the left) and Jack Antonoff (depicted on the right).

Collaboration: The Fun guitarist took to the stage alongside longtime friend Lorde, positioning himself at the piano during her set

The music festival showcased an incredible display of musical prowess, with the gifted Fun guitarist and his close friend Lorde putting on an unforgettable performance. The pair joined forces on stage, with the guitarist showcasing his skills on the piano, perfectly complementing Lorde’s unique style. On the second day of the festival, Lorde stunned the crowd with her stylish ensemble, consisting of black trousers embellished with shimmering silver gems paired with a chic cropped sheer blouse. Earlier on in the day, she dazzled in a black spaghetti-strap dress, effortlessly posing for photographs on the red carpet.

Red hot: Keke Palmer, 24, showed off her curves in a figure-hugging red latex mini-dress and red stilettos

Red hot: Keke Palmer, 24, showed off her curves in a figure-hugging red latex mini-dress and red stilettos

Let me introduce you to the multi-talented and delightful Keke Palmer. She is recognized for her exceptional singing, acting, and hosting abilities. During a recent event, she caught everyone’s attention with her gorgeous curves, which she flaunted in a breathtaking red mini-dress. She completed the look with a pair of matching high heels that added to her already stunning appearance. Kelsea Ballerini was also present at the event, and she looked absolutely fabulous. Her attire consisted of midnight blue sequined shorts, paired with a pale blue chiffon top adorned with silver sequinned stars. To complete this outfit, she wore a pair of metallic silver boots with high heels which beautifully matched the entire ensemble.

Lots of love... Julie Michaels was also in attendance, wearing a cropped sweater emblazoned with the word 'LOVE'

With a stylish entrance, Julie Michaels donned a charming cropped sweater that featured the word “LOVE” in bold letters. The ambiance was unmistakably filled with the emotions of love.

Feeling blue... DJ Khaled stepped out in a blue ensemble, opting for blue pants, blue and white sneakers and a blue patterned shirt

DJ Khaleed made a bold fashion statement by donning a full blue ensemble consisting of blue trousers, a patterned shirt, and white and blue sneakers. On the other hand, Halsey turned heads with her stunning sheer long-sleeved cropped top paired with high-waisted black satin cargo pants and black patent boots, showcasing her unique sense of style. Meanwhile, French Montana opted for a classic black and white letterman jacket, which he paired with black jeans during his performance.

Baby daddy: Man-of-the-moment Travis Scott was also there. Yesterday, news broke the 25-year-old rapper was allegedly expecting his first child with girlfriend of five months Kylie Jenner, 20

The festival was graced by the presence of Travis Scott, a well-known musician. There were speculations about the 25-year-old rapper and his girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, who have been dating for five months, expecting their first child together. The event also had several other famous personalities like Taylor Launter, Jack Antonoff who collaborated with Lorde for a performance, Kehlani Palmer displaying her curves in a stunning red latex mini-dress, Julia Michaels, and DJ Khaled.

Come together: At one stage, cast members from the TV show Riverdale, including (L-R) Casey Cott, 25, Ashleigh Murray, 29, Camila Mendes, 23, and Lili Reinhart, 21, spoke onstage alongside Ryan Seacrest (center)

Join forces as a group: At a certain moment, the shining talents of the hit TV series Riverdale namely Casey Cott (25), Ashleigh Murray (29), Camila Mendes (23), and Lili Reinhart (21) united on stage with Ryan Seacrest (in the center).

It factor: The young cast from the latest reboot of It, including (L-R) Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff, both 14, Sophia Lillis, 15, Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, both 14, and Chosen Jacobs, 16, also posed together on the red carpet

The fresh-faced cast members of the remade horror film “It” were spotted on the red carpet, featuring Jeremy Ray Taylor, Wyatt Oleff, Sophia Lillis, Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Chosen Jacobs. Meanwhile, rapper Travis Scott also made an appearance, amidst rumors that he and Kylie Jenner are expecting a child together. The talented actors from popular TV series “Riverdale,” namely Casey Cott, Ashleigh Murray, Camila Mendes, and Lili Reinhart, joined host Ryan Seacrest on stage during the event.

Woman down: Little Mix also performed during day two of the festival. Member Perrie Edwards, 24, was a no-show

On the festival’s second day, Little Mix put on an electrifying show that had the crowd going wild. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a bummer to find out that Perrie Edwards, who is 24 years old, wasn’t able to make it to the performance.

Show of support... Backstage, the girls, who all wore contrasting yellow ensembles  were seen embracing Bebe Rexha

Captured on camera, the women showed their solidarity as they surrounded Bebe Rexha in a warm embrace. Dressed in vibrant yellow outfits that were unique to each of them, this private moment demonstrated their unity.

Puppy love: There was no shortage of adorable puppies backstage for the Little Mix girls to play with

The members of Little Mix had a fun and furry time backstage during the festival. Their performance was full of energy and the trio, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jesy Nelson, and Jade Thirlwall, looked stunning in their vibrant yellow outfits. Even though Perrie Edwards couldn’t join them, they had a great time hanging out with Bebe Rexha and cuddling with adorable puppies.

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