Blossoming into a Fashion Icon: Emma Watson Shocks in Provocative Purple Leather Dress on The Jonathan Ross Show

All grown up: Emma Watson sheds her innocent image after appearing on Saturday's The Jonathan Ross show wearing a purple leather slit dress

Emma Watson has shed her innocent image as she appeared on The Jonathan Ross show. The actress wore a stunning purple leather dress, which had a thigh-high slit. Emma’s appearance has proven that she has grown up and can pull off a more daring look.

New look: Watson admitted on the show she found it hard to rid herself of her innocent Harry Potter reputation

Watson revealed on the program that it was quite a challenge for her to break away from her pure and virtuous image as the beloved character from the Harry Potter franchise.

Tough girl: The actress sheds her good girl image with new risqué film The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Bold and daring: The actress breaks away from her usual innocent image in the provocative movie, The Perks Of Being A Wallflower.

Sidesplitting: Watson struggles to hold it together during her chat with the funnyman Ross

Hilarious: Watson can’t help but crack up while chatting with the comedian Ross.

Glass half full: Watson admits she was scared of acting in films outwith the Harry Potter universe

Looking on the Bright Side: Watson Confesses to Feeling Nervous about Taking On Movie Roles Outside of Harry Potter World.

Young crush: Watson admits she had a crush on Harry Potter star Tom Felton

In a recent confession, Watson revealed that she had a youthful infatuation with her fellow Harry Potter co-star, Tom Felton.

Star studded: Emma was joined on the show by Gwen Stefani, Jack Dee and magician Dynamo

Emma was accompanied by a group of famous individuals on the show, including Gwen Stefani, Jack Dee, and the renowned magician Dynamo.

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