“Victor Wembanyama Rumored to Take the Starting Power Forward Spot in NBA”

According to a source who has inside knowledge of NBA affairs, it has been revealed that the top pick in the upcoming draft is expected to play as a power forward. This raises the question of what the Spurs’ starting lineup will look like with Victor Wembanyama occupying the 4 position.

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot

As per Shams Charania’s report, the Spurs have planned to begin with Victor Wembanyama as their power forward. While it was certain that the rookie sensation would be a starter for the team this season, his position was not confirmed earlier. Initially, it appeared that the 7-foot-3 player would play as a center, but his current lack of strength in NBA level games indicates that it would be wise to avoid immediate physical confrontations with bulkier opponents.

Report: Expect Victor Wembanyama to Start at Power Forward - Basketball  Insiders | NBA Rumors And Basketball News

The Spurs have decided to place him in the forward position, most likely due to his towering height of over 7 feet. As of today, the difference in responsibilities between a power forward and a small forward has become less significant compared to 10 or 5 years ago in the NBA. Although being a rebounder is still an important role for a power forward, it can be mostly handled by a center. The new player is expected to provide additional support to Zack Collins, who is already a reliable rebounder on the team.

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