The Inspiring Story of Cleive Ester Adams: Uncovering Sonya Curry’s Father and His Adventures That Will Make You ‘ADMIRE’ Him

Ex-NFL Star, Who Forced Stephen Curry's Mom to Be 'Kicked Out' Due to  Infidelity, Had Unknown Childhood Bond With Father Dell - EssentiallySports

Do you know who Cleive Ester Adams is? There are various paths that lead to fame, and it can differ from person to person. Some individuals become known because of their exceptional talents and skills, while others become famous simply by being born into renowned families. In the case of Cleive Ester Adams, it seems that the latter holds true.

Biography of Sonya Curry's father Cleive Ester Adams 2020 UPDATE |  Celebrity Gossip

Cleive Ester Adams became well-known due to his successful offspring, including his children and grandchildren. Another factor that contributed to his fame was his daughter Sonya Curry’s prominence in the education industry in the US. Cleive Ester Adams is an American citizen with African-American roots, having been born and raised in the US. He also made a name for himself as a renowned basketball player. His ancestors have excelled in various sports competitions, achieving great success.

Cleive Ester Adams: The untold story of Sonya Curry's father -

In the 1980s, Dell Curry tied the knot with Cleive Ester Adams’ daughter, Sonya Curry, who quickly became a well-known figure in her own right. Interestingly, many people seem to be more curious about Sonya’s father, Cleive Ester Adams. While it appears that Adams may have pursued a career in business when he was younger, little is known about his professional endeavors due to his private nature.

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