“Tom Brady’s Height Photoshop Fail Goes Viral: Social Media Users Roast the NFL Star with Witty Comebacks”

Tom Brady recently shared a humorous photoshopped image on Twitter, featuring himself and Victor Wembanyama. As the seven-time Super Bowl winner stands at 6-foot-4, he was dwarfed by the 7-foot-4 Spurs rookie during their meeting this week. Although Brady initially posted a picture of their encounter on Instagram, he later uploaded a significantly altered version on Twitter that portrayed both athletes as equals. Brady even quipped that media outlets could use the image, specifying that it was the genuine one. Fans joined in on the fun, delighting in the amusing digital manipulation.

Tom Brady and Victor Wembanyama

Tom Brady and Victor Wembanyama

Tom Brady used a heavily edited photo of himself and Victor Wembanyama together. Fans had fun with the photo by photoshopping him to be smaller and even replacing his shirtless NFL combine photo into the picture. The official NFL account even commented that the picture looked good. Despite the jokes, Tom Brady seemed to enjoy meeting the up-and-coming NBA star and called him an incredible young man on Instagram.

Typically, I’d crack a joke about how I could beat you with a score of 10 and 10, but let’s be honest, you’d probably send my ball flying into the upper levels of the club. Recently, Brady and his eldest son Jack met with the French basketball prodigy Wembanyama and his friend Michael Rubin, the founder of Fanatics, before his debut at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday evening. Wembanyama has had a great start in the NBA, averaging 19.4 points per game for the San Antonio team. His most impressive performance so far was scoring 38 points in a remarkable win against the Suns. You can catch him playing against the Knicks at 7:30 ET on Wednesday.

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