The NBA Twitterverse is in awe of Victor Wembanyama’s impressive display against the Warriors

The San Antonio Spurs seem to have a potential Greatest of All Time player on their hands, judging by their impressive performances in the preseason games.

Victor Wembanyama, Stephen Curry

The basketball world is buzzing with excitement about young player Victor Wembanyama, who is being compared to NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Wembanyama’s impressive skills on the court have caught the attention of fans and experts alike, and many are excited to see what he will achieve in the future. It’s clear that Wembanyama has a bright future ahead of him, and we can’t wait to see him continue to grow and develop as a player.

NBA Twitter reacts to Victor Wembanyama's game vs. Warriors: 'He looks like  a legit DPOY candidate'

On Friday night, the NBA witnessed the debut of Victor Wembanyama as he played against the Golden State Warriors alongside the San Antonio Spurs in a preseason match. The game began with an amusing moment as Wembanyama and Stephen Curry, who was over a foot shorter, competed for the opening tip-off.

The 90 seconds Victor Wembanyama took over the Warriors game - Pounding The  Rock

Afterwards, Wemby stole the spotlight for the remaining 20 minutes and 35 seconds of the game. As the first pick overall, he proved his worth by scoring 19 points, grabbing four rebounds, and blocking five shots. He showcased his dominance in defense and wowed the audience with his offense. Although it’s just a preseason game, it’s hard not to have high hopes for him.

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