“Steph Curry’s Comical Response to Being Addressed as Wardell by a Reporter”

(via Forbes)

Stephen Curry is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players in history. With three championship titles under his belt, he’s known for his incredible shooting ability and deadly skills on the court. However, what makes him stand out even more is his lighthearted personality and sense of humor. Recently, a video surfaced of Curry’s reaction when a reporter called him by his first name, Wardell. While most people refer to him as Stephen, Curry’s first name is rarely mentioned in public. The reporter accidentally called him by his first name while asking an unrelated question, and Curry’s reaction was hilarious. It’s moments like these that show us a different side of our favorite athletes, and it’s great to see them let loose and have fun.

Curry isn’t commonly addressed by his first name, but it appears he found it amusing when a reporter did so. Given Curry’s positive rapport with media personnel, he may have been teasing the journalist. While the sight of his first name, Wardell, may have caught him off-guard since he is usually referred to as Steph, it’s possible that some humor was involved. Stephen Curry is known for having a great sense of humor in the NBA, frequently displaying joyous behavior when his team, the Warriors, perform well. It’s encouraging to see him having fun, and we can anticipate more enjoyable reactions from him following the Warriors-Knicks game.

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