“Shakira’s Unmatched Talent that Earned Her MTV’s Video Vanguard Award in 2023”

For years, the talented Colombian musician has been renowned as one of the most inventive performers in the pop music industry.

Shakira is set to receive the prestigious Video Vanguard Award at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards, making her the first South American music artist to be bestowed with the honour. This award is given to artists and music video directors for their significant contributions to music and popular culture. Shakira will join the ranks of other legendary artists such as David Bowie, Madonna, George Michael, and Jennifer Lopez. This recognition solidifies Shakira’s position as one of the most innovative pop stars of her time.

One of the reasons for her success is her ability to fuse various styles, genres, and languages in her music. Prior to her emergence, multiculturalism in popular music was limited to the occasional crossover album like Paul Simon’s Graceland or Carlos Santana’s Supernatural. However, Shakira’s unique sound allowed her to develop her own niche within the pop scene dominated by female talent like Beyonce, Britney Spears, and Madonna. Her exuberant hits have been embraced worldwide, from South America to South Africa.

Shakira’s musical approach is exemplified in her early hit, Ojos Asi, which prominently showcases her Lebanese heritage. The song incorporates Middle Eastern instruments like the oud and darbuka alongside Latin pop rhythms, and Shakira seamlessly sings in both Spanish and Arabic. Her music often draws from various aspects of her background, including Colombia’s cumbia dance genre and South African instruments like the vuvuzela. Despite the complexity of her sound, Shakira’s music has a universal appeal that speaks to her deft understanding of how music can connect people around the world. Additionally, Shakira’s success as a crossover artist has paved the way for other Latin American musicians, including Maluma and Karol G. Overall, Shakira’s unique talents and diverse influences have helped her achieve sustained success in the music industry.

Shakira’s hit song Whenever, Wherever is an exceptional blend of Western and Middle Eastern popular music. The song features ethereal oud riffs, vocal trilling, and belly dance. Shakira’s career is full of interesting collaborations, including partnerships with big names like Beyonce, Rihanna, Gustavo Cerati, and Ramon Ayala. Her music videos are also noteworthy, ranging from joyful displays of her dancing prowess to tackling important issues like domestic violence and environmental conservation. Shakira’s impressive list of accomplishments includes being one of the bestselling female Latin artists, selling about 100 million albums, and having the bestselling album by a Latin female artist with Laundry Service. She also broke the YouTube record this year for the most viewed Latin song in 24 hours with BZRP Music Sessions #53, which garnered over 63 million streams in a day. It’s no wonder she earned the Video Vanguard Award at the MTV Awards.

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