“Shakira Sparkles in Sensational Sabritas Potato Chip Advertisement”

Colombian superstar, Shakira, has joined forces with a singing sandwich called Mr. Cheese for the promotion of the Sabritas Food Pairing campaign. Their latest video clip showcases the ideal match of potato chips and a sandwich while singing Lalo Rodriguez’s hit song ‘Ven, devórame otra vez.’

In an effort to promote the pairing of Mexican potato chips with sandwiches, Sabritas utilized the Food Pairing platform. Accompanied by Isla, an advertising agency, Sabritas created a fun and original campaign featuring singing sandwiches that lacked completeness without the addition of potato chips. The campaign is expected to launch in 2022.

In the recent Sabritas commercial featuring their brand ambassador Shakira, a singing sandwich named Mr. Cheese stole the show and became a viral sensation. The commercial showcases Shakira enjoying life’s simple pleasures while Mr. Cheese adds to the fun by performing a duet with her. The hilarious and captivating ad highlights how Sabritas potato chips can bring flavor and excitement to mundane situations. The artist who played Mr. Cheese was thrilled to be a part of the campaign and thoroughly enjoyed singing along to the catchy tune.

Sabritas’ marketing director, Clara Contreras, expressed her enthusiasm to team up with Shakira for a music collaboration. The film will be broadcasted in Mexico and six other Latin-American countries, featuring Shakira’s favorite song, “Come, devour me once more,” and capturing the spirit of Sabritas in an entertaining and musical way. The acclaimed director Watta Fernández helmed the project while Rafa Lluck, known for directing several of Shakira’s music videos, provided exceptional cinematography. This presents a great opportunity to showcase how even unexpected moments can bring joy. Shakira has given us countless unforgettable moments with her music and unmatched vocals.

Rodrigo Grau and Ariel Serkin, who are partners and CCOs at Isla, revealed that the Sabritas team and Shakira maintained focus on two key words, namely impact and meaningfulness, during every stage of the project. With this philosophy in mind, they conceptualized a novel idea to elevate their vocalizing sandwiches by incorporating a duet with the renowned musician.

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