Fallon’s boyfriend Gerard forbids Shakira from working with hot models, but she still insists on wearing fishnets and bras to perform

Won't be able to forget her: Shakira puts on a very racy performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show on Tuesday night

Last Tuesday, Shakira’s remarkable performance on the Jimmy Fallon Show was an unforgettable experience. Her exceptional talent and energy created an outstanding show that will remain in my memory for a long time.

Dressing up: On Tuesday night, Shakira made a very racy appearance on the Jimmy Fallon wearing fishnet tights, knee high boots and a black bra.

Looking glamorous: Shakira made a bold fashion statement on the latest episode of Jimmy Fallon. Her edgy outfit featured fishnet stockings, tall boots, and a daring black bra that caught everyone’s attention.

Making an entrance: Shakira waved to the crowd, excited at her racy outfit

Making an entrance: Shakira waved to the crowd, excited at her racy outfit

Shakira stepped onto the stage with a bright smile and acknowledged the enthusiastic crowd, showing her excitement for her bold outfit.

Hips don't lie: Shakira is doing the rounds at the moment promoting her new album, titled Shakira

Right now, Shakira is occupied with promoting her most recent album that she cleverly titled “Shakira”. Her hips have always been a symbol of her honesty, and supporters are eagerly anticipating hearing her latest tunes.

Racy: Hopefully boyfriend Gerard wouldn't have minded Shakira's racy ensemble after she recently revealed he has banned her from working with hot models

Shakira was spotted wearing a bold outfit that may have caused some eyebrows to raise, especially with her boyfriend Gerard. However, it’s important to note that this shouldn’t be a problem as she has previously mentioned that he doesn’t allow her to work with models who are considered attractive.

Burlesque: Shakira could have passed for a Pussycat Doll as writhed around on stage during her performance

Shakira’s stage performance was absolutely captivating and reminiscent of the Pussycat Dolls. Her alluring dance routine was akin to a tantalizing burlesque show.

Getting great exposure: Host Jimmy Fallon hold up the LP cover of Shakira which will have pleased the singer's record company no end

Getting great exposure: TV host Jimmy Fallon excitedly displays the album artwork of Shakira, a gesture that would definitely thrill the singer’s music company.

Going for it: Shakira certainly didn't hold back as she performed her latest single on the show

Shakira put on an amazing performance as she graced the stage and sang her newest hit single with all her heart.

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