“Miley Cyrus Rocks Leopard Print Romper Suit and Pays Tribute to Shania Twain in a Show-Stopping Performance on The Voice with Her Talented Protégés”

During the most recent installment of The Voice, Miley Cyrus took the opportunity to display her country music background by performing a rendition of the beloved Shania Twain tune, Man! I Feel Like a Woman. Joined by three of her mentees from the show, namely Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, and Ashland Craft, Cyrus rocked a leopard-print jumpsuit that reminded viewers of the legendary music video that accompanies Twain’s worldwide sensation. The outfit perfectly accentuated Cyrus’ slim figure, and the inclusion of fishnet stockings added an edgy flair to the ensemble.

Running wild: Miley Cyrus returned to her country roots as she took to the stage with a cover of Shania Twain classic Man! I Feel Like a Woman during Tuesday evening’s edition of The Voice 

Fans of Miley Cyrus were in for a pleasant surprise when the singer gave a nod to her country roots during an appearance on The Voice. She wowed the crowd with a rendition of Shania Twain’s hit song “Man! I Feel Like a Woman”, donning a leopard-print outfit and dark sunglasses. Although the song was made famous by Shania in 1997, Miley’s performance was just as electrifying. Prior to the show, Miley took to Instagram to give her followers a sneak peek of her outfit for the night, hinting at a thrilling performance with #TeamMiley.

Wild thing: Miley Cyrus performed with her singers in a wild leopard print outfit on Tuesday's episode of The Voice

On the latest episode of The Voice, Miley Cyrus certainly made a statement with her sassy leopard print outfit, bringing some serious energy to the stage alongside her fellow musicians.

That looks familiar: Miley paid tribute to Shania's iconic look on Tuesday evening

That looks familiar: Miley paid tribute to Shania's iconic look on Tuesday evening

On Tuesday night, Miley Cyrus paid homage to Shania Twain’s legendary style with an inspired outfit.

Here we go: Miley performed the track with protégés Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson and Ashland Craft.

The performance by Miley Cyrus and her apprentices Janice Freeman, Brooke Simpson, and Ashland Craft was truly remarkable and entertaining to watch. They took over the stage with their incredible talent and delivered an impressive rendition of the track.

Looking good: The fitted design served to accentuate her slender physique, while fishnet tights gave the look an edgy flourish

Looking chic: The fitted clothing accentuated her slender build, while the inclusion of fishnet stockings added a daring element to her ensemble. During the talent competition, the vocalist was unable to hold back tears as fellow teammate Janice was eliminated in a dramatic fashion. Miley had developed a great fondness for the gifted 32-year-old contestant and didn’t attempt to disguise her emotions. She voiced her appreciation for Janice by stating that she deserved to remain in the competition. Additionally, Miley lauded Janice’s character traits, including her tenacity, warrior-like mindset, and status as a role model. The artist was completely bewildered and tearfully expressed her adoration for Janice.

Getting into it: mentor Miley gave it her all as she performed the track with her three teammates 

Mentor Miley gave it her all when performing the song with her three fellow team members. She poured her heart and soul into the performance, leaving no stone unturned.

Hit song: They gave a spirited rendition of Man! I Feel Like a Woman 

Well-known melody: The musical group gave a lively rendition of “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.”

Social media: Miley promoted her group performance on Instagram

Miley Cyrus recently took to Instagram to promote a group performance while also addressing her audience at home. She made it clear that her tears were not for votes for her friend Janice, but rather a genuine display of heartfelt support. Miley had nothing but high praise for Janice’s talent and character, describing her as one of her closest friends. In fact, Miley went as far as to say that people like Janice make her believe in heaven. Janice, who has been a strong contender from the beginning, was touched by Miley’s words and shed a few tears herself. In response, she thanked Miley for always being there for her and expressed her gratitude for her unwavering support. Janice is a cancer survivor hailing from Compton, California.

Close bond: Janice and Miley formed a close bond on the NBC singing competition show

Janice and Miley formed a deep bond during their time as competitors on the NBC singing competition.

Swan song: The cancer survivor engaged in a sing-off to stay on the show

The recent edition of the singing competition program presented a poignant scenario where a cancer survivor struggled to remain in the competition. Janice, who had impressed the judges and viewers with her exceptional singing skills, landed in the bottom two alongside Adam Cunningham, a country singer. Both participants were asked to perform in a sing-off for their survival in the contest. However, at the conclusion of the episode, Janice was eliminated, causing her co-contestants and fans to become emotional. Judge Miley Cyrus was particularly affected, expressing her gratitude for having the opportunity to perform with Janice.

Bottom two: Adam Cunningham and Janice finished in the bottom two

During the latest episode, the bottom two contestants were unfortunately Adam Cunningham and Janice. Adam, hailing from Tennessee and aged 38, sang Lonestar’s Amazed before Janice performed Sia’s Chandelier. Despite being a big supporter of Janice, Adam Levine remained expressionless when she secured her place in the top ten. In his opinion, talent cannot be accurately evaluated through a competition. Alongside Janice, ten other artists also advanced to the next round, with Chloe Kohanski being the first to be rescued. The 23-year-old from Tennessee wowed the judges with her rendition of Total Eclipse Of The Heart, and was coached by Blake Shelton.

Final eleven: The final 11 singers gathered on the stage at the start of the show

As the performance commenced, a final batch of 11 gifted vocalists gathered on the platform, fully prepared to exhibit their skills.

The host: Carson Daly kept the one-hour elimination show moving

Carson Daly was the emcee of the hour-long elimination program and ensured its smooth flow. Among the contestants who secured a spot in the safe zone was Addison Agen, a 16-year-old singer from Indiana, who is a part of Team Adam. Addison captivated the judges with her rendition of Joni Mitchell’s classic ballad, A Case Of You, on Monday. Meanwhile, Brooke Simpson, a 26-year-old Native American, also made it through. During her performance of Pink’s hit song, What About Us, she paid homage to her tribe. Brooke expressed that the moment was significant to her, and she was delighted to bring attention not only to her tribe but also to tribes across the nation. Afterward, Brooke rushed to hug her coach Miley in excitement.

First save: Chloe Kohanski of Blake Shelton's team was the first to be saved by viewer voting

The most recent installment of the show saw fans rallying to keep Chloe Kohanski, a talented artist from Blake Shelton’s squad, in the running for the top prize. Thanks to their support, she was able to advance further in the competition.

Going through: Brooke Simpson looked shocked when Carson announced she was advancing

Carson’s statement that Brooke Simpson would be progressing forward caught her off guard.

Sweet smile: Addison Agen also made it into the Top 10

With her infectious smile, Addison Agen successfully secured a spot in the Top 10. Miley Cyrus couldn’t contain her excitement and shouted out “Nugget Nation” while hugging Brooke, also known as Chicken Nugget. Jennifer Hudson was ecstatic about Davon Fleming’s progress, a dynamic 25-year-old from Baltimore. Meanwhile, Adam Levine and his team delivered an electrifying performance of the iconic Fleetwood Mac hit ‘Go Your Own Way’ from 1977.

Next round: Davon Fleming of Jennifer Hudson's team smiled after he advanced

As the next phase unfolded, Davon Fleming, who was part of Jennifer Hudson’s team, couldn’t help but reveal a wide smile as he made his way forward.

Group song: Adam Levine teamed up with his singers for a group song

Adam Levine joined forces with other vocalists to produce a captivating group track that wowed the audience. Blake was visibly thrilled when Red Marlow, his country music crooner, progressed to the next round. A behind-the-scenes clip highlighted Red’s popularity, thanks to his witty one-liners such as “I’m as nervous as a chinchilla in a fur coat factory.” Noah Mac, the resident heartthrob, also made it through without being eliminated.

Funny phrases: Red Marlow who uses funny phrases in conversation also advanced

Red Marlow’s witty remarks have become his trademark as he advances in the competition. At just 18 years old, the young Californian is determined to keep pushing himself and discovering new opportunities. Blake, who has won The Voice championship five times, surprised the audience by performing his latest hit, I’ll Name The Dogs, with Jennifer Hudson. Meanwhile, Ashland Craft, a gifted country singer from South Carolina, has made it to the top 10 with Miley’s unwavering support. The 21-year-old star is now ready to take on the world!

Dynamic duo: Blake and Jennifer teamed up to perform his new song I'll Name The Dogs

Blake and Jennifer teamed up to introduce their newest song “I’ll Name The Dogs” as a powerhouse pair.

Good times: The country star and Oscar winner had fun performing together

The performance was amazing as the popular country music singer and winner of an Academy Award shared the stage. One of the contestants, Keisha Renee, hailing from California and a member of Team Blake, received support from the audience and was saved by America. She expressed her gratitude for their overwhelming support and was thrilled to see herself ranked second on the country music charts. Being the only one with her unique style, she felt proud of her accomplishment. Another young talent, Shi’Ann Jones, a 15-year-old girl from Kentucky and a member of Team J-Hud, also made it through to the next round. Stay tuned for the upcoming episodes of The Voice on NBC.

Survival song: Adam Cunningham sang Lonestar by Amazed before the Instant Save

Before the Instant Save, Adam Cunningham belted out his rendition of the survival song “Lonestar” which he titled “Amazed”.

Small team: Adam was going into the next round with Adam Cunningham and Addison

A tight-knit trio: Adam was making progress to the next level along with his companions Adam Cunningham and Addison.

Solid team: Noah Mac, Davon and Shi'Ann remained on Jennifer's team

Despite the challenges, Jennifer’s squad remained a formidable force with talented members such as Noah Mac, Davon, and Shi’Ann.

Strong squad: Blake was going into the next round with Red, Chloe and Keisha Renee

Blake has an impressive squad for the upcoming stage, as Red, Chloe, and Keisha Renee are by his side.

Save attempt: The pop star also took to Instagram in a bid to save Janice

Janice was able to receive help from the renowned singer through the use of Instagram.

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