“Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour: A Wild and Provocative Show with a Giant Tongue Slide, Marijuana Leotards and Crotch Grabbing Galore!”

Advertising: Miley's cannibis-inspired bodysuit was perhaps the most eye-catching of all her 12 costumes on Friday night

The most attention-grabbing outfit worn by Miley during her 12 costume changes on Friday was the one that had a cannabis-inspired design.

That's a mouthful: The 21-year-old rode a tongue slide to open her show

Wow, can you believe it? The 21-year-old performer kicked off her show by taking a ride on a tongue slide! Quite an unexpected way to start things off, don’t you think?

Showing her true colours: The Wrecking Ball singer displayed some of assets whilst onstage

Displaying her authentic self: The singer of Wrecking Ball flaunted some of her assets during her performance.

Wild night: The Bangerz backup dancers got quite hands on with Miley

A memorable evening: Miley Cyrus’ backup dancers from the Bangerz tour got touchy-feely.

Twerking on tour: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker will next take her Bangerz Tour to Anaheim's Honda Center on Thursday with opening act Icona Pop

Miley Cyrus is all set to showcase her moves on her Bangerz Tour as it heads to Honda Center in Anaheim on Thursday. The tour will feature the popular opening act, Icona Pop.

Belting it out: Miley crooned as she backup performers swayed behind her

Miley let her voice soar as she sang, while her backup performers swayed along behind her.

Riding the hood: The Wrecking Ball singer performed some raunchy moves

During her performance, Miley Cyrus, also known as the Wrecking Ball singer, executed some provocative dance moves while straddling the front of a car.

Costume change: The star slipped into racy red number for a raunchy dance number

Attire modification: The renowned performer donned a daring crimson ensemble for a provocative dance routine.

Taking a knee: The blonde bobbed singer played to the packed crowd

Kneeling down: The vocalist with blonde bob hair entertained the jam-packed audience.

Sliding in: The young woman showed off some of her now infamous moves

As she effortlessly glided across the floor, the youthful lady put on display a few of her now well-known dance steps.

Courting controversy: The star simulated oral sex on a dancer who happened to be dressed as former US President Bill Clinton

Stirring up some buzz: The celebrity performed a suggestive act mimicking oral sex with a dancer that was dressed as former American president, Bill Clinton.

We get it, you have a tongue: Miley posted a snap pre-show featuring her lingual muscle once again

We understand, Miley Cyrus loves to stick out her tongue. She recently shared a photo on social media prior to her concert showcasing her famous tongue yet again.

Mouthful: The star continued her oral fixation with a video of her wearing prop teeth

Summary: A celebrity kept up her fondness for the mouth by sharing a clip of herself sporting fake teeth. Rewritten: The famous personality indulged in her love of all things dental by posting a video in which she can be seen donning a set of novelty teeth.

Coy: She struck a sultry pose whilst wearing the new grill

Coy looked seductive as she flaunted her new grill with a captivating pose.

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