Lovely series of pictures of Shakira and her son while watching Euro

Shakira might be having second thoughts about naming her son Milan after witnessing the disappointment of her boys and partner, Gerard Pique, as they watched Spain lose in the European Championships on Monday. The multi-talented artist was seen expressing a mix of emotions while watching Italy dominate the game against the defending champions, ultimately securing a 2-0 victory.

Spainful to watch: Shakira and her two boys were forced to watch as their dad Gerard Pique and Spain crashed out of the European Championships on Monday

Shakira and her two sons witnessed the upsetting exit of Gerard Pique and Spain from the European Championships on Monday. It was a difficult moment for the famous Colombian singer as she sat in the Stade de France with Milan and Sasha, feeling helpless. Shakira’s half brother Tonino Mebarak, as well as her parents-in-law Montserrat Bernabeu and Joan Pique, were also present. Despite the devastating loss, Milan remained fully focused on the game and was seated a row ahead of his mother. On the other hand, Sasha seemed more interested in drinking milk from his bottle instead of watching the European cup.

Bummed: The 39-year-old visibly went though a rollercoaster of emotions as she witnessed Italy dump the defending back-to-back champions out with a convincing 2-0 victory

Feeling low: It was evident that the 39-year-old went through a gamut of feelings as she witnessed Italy knock out the previous winners with a remarkable score of 2-0.

Shady lady: Her mother-in-law Joan was there to help out with the kids

Joan, the enigmatic woman, was there to lend a helping hand in looking after the kids.

I can't even Pique: The Colombian stunner could bare watch as Spain conceded

I couldn’t catch Pique’s game today. It was a bummer for the stunning Colombian as Spain conceded a goal.

On his own: Little Milan seemed pretty fixated on the game throughout, even sitting a full row in front of his mom

On his own: Little Milan seemed pretty fixated on the game throughout, even sitting a full row in front of his mom

Milan was fully immersed in the game, seated an entire row ahead of his mom. He seemed absorbed by it the entire time.

How is he ref!? Pique's mom didn't not agree with all the refereeing decisions

Any updates on the referee’s performance? According to Pique’s mother, she seems to have conflicting opinions about certain calls made by the referees.

What's the problem? The Barcelona defender seemed confused at what was so upsetting about his studs in this guy's rubs

The problem arose when the Barcelona defender was confused as to why his studs were causing discomfort to the other person’s legs. They were both wearing Spain’s bold full away kit, which wasn’t very well-liked due to Spain’s poor performance while playing in it. Spain had won their first two games in their traditional red and blue uniform, but then changed to the unfortunate white and yellow kit for their last two games, resulting in losses. Shakira, on the other hand, chose a distinct outfit that featured loose-fitting bottoms with graffiti designs and a white tank top, rather than sporting the Spain kit.

Underneath your woes: The singer was helpless as she sat in the Stade de France with the unfortunately-named Milan, and his one-year-old brother Sasha

Seated in the Stade de France with Milan and Sasha, whose name she found entertaining, the singer was overwhelmed by her troubles and felt like there was nothing she could do about them.

Good spot: Sasha seemed happy enough perched on his mother's knee

It was a pleasant sight to see Sasha, relaxed and at ease, sitting comfortably on his mother’s lap.

Getoff! He seemed less happy when his mother wanted a kiss however

His mood suddenly shifted as his mother approached him for a kiss, and he sternly told her to leave.

You clown! Shakira questioned Milan's choice of hat bearing the Azurri colours

You’re quite the comedian! Shakira jokingly poked fun at Milan for donning a hat in the colors of the Azurri, blue and white.

Cheer up: Pitch action aside, she had plenty of reason to smile at her eldest

No need to stress, there is great news! Besides excelling on the playing field, she had numerous reasons to feel content regarding her eldest offspring.

Top up: She was even spotted touching up her make-up during a break in the action

Update: She got caught touching up her makeup during a break in the proceedings.

Nice pants: While she didn't wear the strip herself, Shakira tried a pretty adventurous outfit, pairing a white tank top with some loose-fitting graffiti-adorned bottoms

Charming Trousers: Despite not sporting any stripes, Shakira looked stunning in a daring outfit that included a white tank top and loosely fitted trousers featuring graffiti patterns. The talented singer kept her luscious blonde locks tied up in a smooth ponytail and took the opportunity to touch up her makeup during a brief break while watching the game with rapt attention. She expressed her dismay by covering her face with her hands as the score slipped away. Shakira has been in a relationship with Pique for more than five years after they met on the set of her music video for the 2010 World Cup anthem, Waka Waka (This Time For Africa). It’s worth noting that Pique is ten years younger than her.

Messy: Both boys even wore Spain's adventurous-but-still-pretty-hideous full away kit, which looked as disastrous as Spain's record playing in it

The two boys looked unkempt, wearing Spain’s unappealing full away kit, which proved to be as unfortunate as the team’s poor playing in it.

Family trip: The popstar's older half brother Tonino Mebarak also came along

During the singer’s family holiday, they had a delightful visitor, Tonino Mebarak, who happens to be her elder half-sibling.

Comfy: But little Sasha seemed more interested in milk bottles than European cups, spending much of the game nestled in his mother's arms and chugging leche

Comfy: Nevertheless, little Sasha seemed more interested in his bottle of milk than the prestigious European cups on display. Throughout the match, he snuggled up in his mother’s arms and slurped on his milk with great gusto.

Unlucky: Having won their first two games in their traditional red and blue - with Pique himself even scoring their winning opener against the Czech Republic - Spain switched to the cursed white and yellow mess for their last two games and lost them both

Spain experienced a misfortune when they decided to swap their usual red and blue attire for a white and yellow one in their last two matches. Despite triumphing in their initial two games with their conventional uniform, they faced defeat in the following two games after the change. The outcome remained unaltered even with Pique, who had previously scored their opening goal against the Czech Republic, on the team.

Oh well: The family looked downcast by the final whistle

It appears that the family experienced a sense of letdown once the game concluded.

Still going: Shakira and Pique, who is ten years her junior, have been together for more than five years, having met on the set of her video for the 2010 World Cup anthem Waka Waka (This Time For Africa)

Shakira and Pique are a romantic pair who have been together for more than five years. Interestingly, Pique is ten years younger than his beloved Shakira. The couple initially met on the set of Shakira’s music video for the World Cup 2010 anthem titled “Waka Waka (This Time For Africa).” Recently, Shakira’s two sons named Milan and Sasha had the chance to watch their father, Gerard Pique, in action as he lost to Italy in Euro 2016.

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