“Jennifer Lopez Steals the Show: From Arrests to Romance in Pa Ti and Lonely Music Videos”

Jennifer Lopez has been hinting at her fans about upcoming new music that she claimed was coming soon. The 51-year-old recently released her first singles in more than a year, Pa Ti and Lonely, with a collaboration with Maluma on Thursday. In the music videos, the Hustlers actress showcases her fit physique in stylish outfits like wrap shirts, mini dresses, and alluring lingerie while confronting legal issues and engaging in a love affair with her driver, portrayed by the 26-year-old Colombian singer.

Grand entrance: Jennifer Lopez donned a sultry tie-up lingerie and a long sheer robe for the video

In her glamorous entrance, Jennifer Lopez looked stunning in a sexy lingerie set paired with a flowing sheer robe in the video. The scene was set at an extravagant mansion with beautiful gardens and fountains surrounding it. Feeling like royalty, the singer-songwriter sat by pink roses on a balcony, taking in the view of the luxurious estate below. Sporting a white towel wrapped around her hair, she lounged in a stylish white top with a revealing chest cut-out, complemented by sparkling diamond jewelry, chic sunglasses, and a fashionable attitude. Enjoying her morning routine, she sipped on coffee, indulged in a plate of fresh fruit, and caught up on the latest news from a newspaper.

New music: Jennifer Lopez released two new singles on Thursday, Pa Ti and Lonely, with Colombian singer Maluma

Jennifer Lopez dropped a pair of fresh tracks on Thursday, titled Pa Ti and Lonely, featuring the talented Colombian artist, Maluma.

Making her way: She makes her way across the room to him, with her robe flowing in one scene

Moving gracefully, she approaches him, her robe billowing behind her as she crosses the room.

Fit for a queen: The video opens with wide views of a sprawling mansion and estate

Perfect for royalty: The video begins with panoramic shots of a grand mansion and sprawling estate.

Perfect: Large gardens, pools and fountains set the backdrop

Ideal: Sprawling gardens, luxurious pools, and elegant fountains create a picturesque setting.

Ruling her palace: In a palace fit for a queen, the On The 6 hitmaker sits beside pink roses on a balcony overlooking the lavish grounds

Morning look: With her hair wrapped up in a white towel, she sits in a white top, with a cut-out chest, and adorned in diamond necklaces, earrings and dark shades

Reigning over her grand palace: Living like royalty in her majestic palace, the music sensation from On The 6 lounges next to vibrant pink roses on a balcony with a picturesque view of the opulent grounds. A servant later hands her the morning paper, revealing a headline about a billionaire in trouble, featuring photos of Jennifer on the cover. Meanwhile, Maluma enters the scene with a starkly contrasting reality to JLo’s luxurious lifestyle. He awakens on a worn-out couch in a dimly lit, gloomy apartment, rummaging through his nearly empty fridge for a meal. As Jennifer’s sumptuous feast is served by attentive staff, Maluma searches for something to eat. Then, a white Rolls Royce pulls up to pick up the glamorous actress.

Front page: A maid later retrieves the newspaper she was reading, the headline reads 'Billionaire under investigation,' with photos of Jennifer side-by-side

On the front page, a maid picks up the newspaper she had been reading, featuring a headline about a billionaire being investigated, along with side-by-side photos of Jennifer.

Different lives: Maluma comes into the video with a reality much different than JLo's

Driving: Maluma arrives in a white Rolls Royce arrives to pick the actress

Various lifestyles: Maluma’s introduction in the video showcases a distinct reality from JLo’s.

Different lives: He wakes up on a couch, in a dark and dreary apartment, while her food is served by butlers, his searches his near-empty fridge for something to eat

Two contrasting lifestyles: One person wakes up on a worn-out couch in a dimly lit apartment, rummaging through an almost empty fridge for breakfast, while the other enjoys a lavish meal served by butlers. As she steps out of her grand mansion wearing a sophisticated grey blazer and a luxurious fur coat, he catches a glimpse of her in the review mirror of their luxury cars. She enters a skyscraper office building for work, shedding her blazer to reveal a stylish black crop top. Inside, she captivates her male colleagues with a dance, moving her body rhythmically. Later, she and Maluma meet on a rooftop overlooking a cityscape resembling New York City, joining their voices in harmony.

Luxury: She emerges from her mansion in a double breasted grey blazer and a lush fur coat

Elegance: Stepping out of her lavish home, she is draped in a sophisticated grey blazer and a luxurious fur coat, exuding timeless style.

Caught her eye: The driver seems to have caught the billionaire's eye

Tension: Jennifer and Maluma exchange looks in the luxury cars review mirror

Excitement: Jennifer and Maluma share a glance through the reflective mirror of the fancy car in the car review.

Boss: She heads into a formal work-off high in the sky, she immediately strips off her blazer revealing a wrap-tie black crop top

Manager: As she walks into her high-rise office, she quickly takes off her blazer to reveal a stylish black crop top with a wrap-tie design.

Sultry: The men in the office engage in a full dance with her as she shakes her rear ends and does sultry movements

Sizzling: The male colleagues at the workplace join in a lively dance with her, as she sways her hips and performs alluring moves.

Scenic: She and Maluma head to a rooftop overlooking what appears to be New York City, for their combined chorus

The scene shifts to a rooftop overlooking a bustling city skyline, as Jennifer and Maluma come together for a duet. Jennifer transforms once again, this time donning a stylish blazer dress with her hair elegantly styled in a bun adorned with sparkling diamonds. Continuing their narrative, the duo return to the opulent mansion as Jennifer slips into alluring lingerie and a flowing sheer robe, while Maluma lounges on the sofa. Intimately entwined, she straddles him as they draw closer in a tender moment. The following morning, the couple awakens in each other’s arms, but their peaceful moment is shattered by the sound of sirens as Jennifer is unexpectedly arrested and taken away in handcuffs. As “Pa Ti” concludes, the upcoming song “Lonely” unveils Maluma’s surprising role as an undercover FBI agent.

Waiting: Picking up where they left off in the morning, the couple head back to the star's mansion, Maluma sits on the couch

While waiting, the couple resumes their activities from earlier in the day by returning to the mansion of the famous star. Maluma relaxes on the couch as they wait for the next part of their day to unfold.

Sweet: She climbs on top of him as he caresses her face and they get closer

Lovely: As he tenderly strokes her cheek, she moves on top of him, drawing them nearer to each other.

Surprise: The couple awakens in bed together, with sirens blaring in the background. As he gazes at her from the back of the police car, a colleague offers comfort, prompting him to ponder his feelings for her and the impact on his career. In a jail cell, Jennifer is bathed in red lights, clad in a sleek black catsuit while belting out a tune. Later, she finds herself in a stark white interrogation room, serenaded by Maluma from the other side of a two-way mirror. As they sit face-to-face for questioning, their love is revealed through the lyrics of a song, culminating in a passionate embrace that transcends the confines of the room. The mood shifts as Jennifer is surrounded by female dancers in matching catsuits, engaging in a dynamic chair-based dance routine.

Arrested: Jennifer is handcuffed and put in the back of a car

Secret: Pa Ti ends, and Lonely begins with Maluma being revealed as a secret FBI Agent

Jennifer was taken into custody, her hands were restrained with handcuffs before being placed inside a vehicle.

Rain: Rain drops sit on the window as Jennifer sings after being arrested

Raindrops rest on the window pane while Jennifer hums a tune following her detention.

Contemplate: A coworker comforts him as he stares at her in the back of the cop car, he seems to contemplate the feelings he has for her and his career

Pondering: As he gazes at her in the rear of the police vehicle, a coworker offers solace, prompting him to ponder the emotions he harbors for her and the impact on his professional life.

Big house: Behind bars, red lights shine on Jennifer as she sings in a tight black catsuit

Large mansion: Illuminated by crimson lights, Jennifer captivates the audience in a sleek black bodysuit on stage. A sudden burst of energy leads to a scene change, bringing us two months ahead to a reunion in Abu Dhabi, where she ultimately walks away, leaving her partner behind at the bar. Jennifer offered a sneak peek of her upcoming music videos via an Instagram post earlier this week. Excitement filled her caption as she announced, “My collaboration with @Maluma for Pa’ Ti – Lonely is almost here! ✨ Join us for the @TikTok Live event: Behind the Video and premiere this Thursday at 6pm EST / 3pm PST. It all kicks off on TikTok.” As fans wait in anticipation, it remains uncertain whether these tracks will mark the beginning of a new album for Jennifer. Her last studio album, A.K.A., was released back in 2014, with occasional singles in between. Most notably, she teamed up with French Montana in 2019 for the track Medicine.

Waiting: After being arrested, the songstress sits in a white brick interrogation room

Waiting: The singer is in a white brick interrogation room after being taken into custody.

Being watched: Maluma watches her from a double-sided mirror

Under observation: Maluma observes her through a two-way mirror.

Time: He enters and sits across the table to interview her, in the song lyrics they confess their love

When he walks in and takes a seat opposite her for their interview, the lyrics of the song reveal their deep love for each other.

Love: She climbs across the table to embrace him

Love: She makes her way over to him, stretching out her arms for a warm hug.

Close: They appear to almost kiss as he holds her face

At a close distance, their faces almost touch as he gently holds her face. The next film starring the stunning actress from The Bronx, Jennifer Lopez, is titled Marry Me, and it features Maluma and Owen Wilson. The romantic comedy, directed by Kat Coiro, is set to premiere on February 12, 2021. In the movie, J-Lo portrays the character of Kat Valdez, a musical sensation. Wilson plays the role of Charlie Gilbert, a math teacher, and the plot revolves around these two strangers who decide to get married and then start to discover each other’s true selves. The film’s story delves into the theme of modern love in a world where popularity is determined by social media followers and likes. Lopez’s character, Kat Valdez, is one half of a famous celebrity couple with the rising music star Bastian, played by Maluma in his feature film debut. Their hit song “Marry Me” is taking the world by storm, and the couple is set to exchange vows in a public ceremony streamed live on various platforms.

Girl power: Their scene breaks, Jennifer is joined by female dancers also in black catsuits, for a chair based dance routine

Girl power is on full display as Jennifer is accompanied by a group of female dancers wearing matching black catsuits for a chair-based dance routine.

Flaunting: Jennifer's outfit hugs her curves as she gives a sultry dance performance

Showing off: Jennifer’s curves are accentuated by her outfit as she delivers a seductive dance routine

After: There is an explosion and the video cuts to two months later in Abu Dhabi, the couple is reunited

Following an explosion, the scene transitions to Abu Dhabi two months later, where the couple finally reunites.

Moving on: Jennifer leaves Maluma alone at the bar

Moving forward: Jennifer decides to leave Maluma on his own at the bar. However, everything takes a turn when recently divorced high school math teacher, Charlie Gilbert (played by Owen Wilson), is reluctantly brought to the concert by his daughter Lou (portrayed by Chloe Coleman from HBO’s Big Little Lies) and his close friend (depicted by Sarah Silverman). During the ceremony, Kat discovers at the last minute that Bastian has been unfaithful with her assistant. This revelation causes her to have a breakdown on stage, where she questions the concepts of love, honesty, and loyalty. As her world begins to crumble, Kat locks eyes with a stranger—a mysterious figure in the crowd. In a moment of ‘crazy inspiration,’ Kat decides to tie the knot with Charlie. What starts as a spur-of-the-moment decision blossoms into an unexpected love story. However, as external factors try to keep them apart, the age-old question arises: Can two individuals from vastly different backgrounds bridge the gap between them and create a place where they both belong?

Costars: The Bronx beauty's next film Marry Me with Maluma and Owen opens on February 12, 2021. It's a romantic comedy directed by Kat Coiro

Fellow actors: Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming movie Marry Me, starring alongside Maluma and Owen, is set to be released on February 12, 2021. The romantic comedy is directed by Kat Coiro.

Lovers: They play a superstar couple, but everything ends after Jennifer learns Maluma's character cheated

Romantic partners: Portrayed as a power couple on screen, their relationship crumbles when Jennifer’s character discovers Maluma’s infidelity.

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