Jennifer Lopez sparkles in crystal-adorned bikini for her music video as she embraces newfound happiness with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez is about to celebrate her 52nd birthday on July 24, but she continues to defy age with her youthful appearance that could easily pass for someone in their thirties. Over the weekend, the singer from the Bronx delighted fans with a sneak peek of her upcoming music video for the song Cambia El Paso.

In the teaser, the 51-year-old pop star showcased her enviable curves, sporting a dazzling crystal-studded bikini top paired with trendy blue denim Levi’s shorts on a beach in Florida. During a recent radio interview, Lopez revealed that the song is all about embracing change and leaving behind things that no longer serve us, hinting that it may have been inspired by her breakup from Alex Rodriguez in April. Despite the split, she reassured fans that she is currently in a state of bliss, especially with her rekindled relationship with Ben Affleck. Lopez expressed that she’s never been happier than she is now.

Still hot: Jennifer Lopez is turning 52-years-old on July 24, but she still looks like she is in her thirties. And this weekend the Bronx native flaunted her youthful looks yet again as she shared a teaser for the music video for her single Cambia El Paso

Jennifer Lopez, who is set to celebrate her 52nd birthday on July 24, continues to defy age with her youthful appearance. The singer, hailing from the Bronx, once again showcased her timeless beauty in a preview of the music video for her song Cambia El Paso over the weekend.

In shape: The 51-year-old star highlighted her gorgeous curly locks as she wore a crystal-studded bikini top with short blue denim Daisy Duke style shorts while on the beach in Florida

Looking fabulous at 51, the actress showcased her beautiful curls while rocking a bedazzled bikini top paired with cute blue denim shorts reminiscent of Daisy Duke’s style, during her beach outing in Florida.

Jenny takes a nap: The icon laid tummy down on the shore with her wet hair over her face

Jenny decided to take a quick nap: She lay on her stomach at the edge of the beach, her wet hair covering her face.

Her latest collaboration with Puerto Rican rapper Rauw Alejandro was dropped on Monday.

In the music video, which was shot in Miami in early June, she looked stunning in a sparkly triangle top that showcased her enviable figure, a result of her regular visits to the gym. Her blue denim shorts highlighted her toned legs, while her Dolce & Gabbana underwear peeked out.

Her voluminous caramel locks framed her gold cross earrings, and her makeup was elegantly done in natural tones.

The Maid In Manhattan actress was captured relaxing on the sand and showing off some dance moves.

Lovely in the ocean: In the video - which was filmed in early June in Miami - she looked sizzling hot in a little glittery triangle top that highlighted her great figure from daily gym visits

Gorgeous at sea: In a recent video shot in Miami in early June, she rocked a dazzling glittery triangle bikini top that perfectly showcased her toned physique, the result of her regular gym workouts.

Beach daze in Miami: She is also seen by a tree after she takes off her heels and jacket

Enjoying a day at the beach in Miami, she was later seen relaxing by a tree, kicking off her heels and shedding her jacket. There was also a video of her strolling down a nearby street in the same attire. Additionally, she discussed her latest single in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, which was posted on Monday.

She posed here by a towel as she looked up

She stood gracefully next to a towel, gazing upwards with a thoughtful expression. “It’s all about change, about taking that first step,” she expressed. “Just move forward, take a step, any step. Right, left, it doesn’t matter. When things feel off, when it’s time for a change, Cambia El Paso, that’s all it takes,” the actress from Hustlers shared, hinting at the positive impact of her new relationship after parting ways with Alex.

“It’s really that simple. And for me, it just clicked, it clicked right now. So it was a good thing. And then there’s the part about dancing, dancing, dancing,” she added.

Reflecting on the past, she reminisced, “After my divorce from Marc Anthony so many years ago, I released a song called Dance Again that was originally by Enrique Iglesias. I knew it had to be my song. I had to sing it. It symbolizes happiness for me because dancing is my passion; it represents joy, happiness, and freedom. This new song has a similar vibe.”

During a radio interview, Lopez mentioned that she is content with where she is in life, without directly addressing her rekindled romance with Affleck.

A real pro: Before she writhed around on the beach, she wore a heavy denim jacket

A true expert: Prior to rolling on the sand, she sported a durable denim jacket.

A dance move: She rolled her hips as she got up from the beach with her hand on her hips

A dance step: With a hand confidently resting on her hips, she smoothly swayed her hips as she rose from the sandy beach.

Undies: Her Dolce & Gabbana undies popped out

The legs are lean: And the short blue denim shorts showed off her legs

The outfit was a hit: Her toned legs were accentuated by the blue denim shorts, and her Dolce & Gabbana underwear peeked out, adding a stylish touch.

Dancing on her knees: She did a sexy move while kneeling on the beach and running her hands over her body

Dancing on the sand: She performed a seductive gesture while gracefully kneeling on the shore, caressing her own form.

She still has a wonderful backside: For 30 years she has flaunted her bottom

She continues to showcase her fabulous rear end after three decades.

Lusty on the beach: In a teaser for the video she is writhing around on the shore

Sultry at the seaside: In a sneak peek of the video, she can be seen sensually moving on the sand.

Waterproof! The crystal top does not come off when she lays in the warm ocean water

Waterproof! The crystal top stays put even when she dips into the warm ocean water.

Jennifer expressed her joy, saying, “I’m doing great. People always ask, ‘How are you? What’s going on? Are you okay?’ And my answer is simple: I’ve never been happier.”

She reflected on the unexpected blessings that have come her way, sharing, “Once you reach that place of contentment, incredible things start happening that you never thought possible. I’m there now, soaking in all the love and well-wishes. It truly is the best time of my life.”

Recalling the making of her song Cambia in Miami with Rauw, JLo shared, “I recorded my vocals spontaneously while we were both in Miami. I didn’t even expect to meet him. When I finished the record, they told me he was in Miami too. I thought, ‘Really?’ They said, ‘He’s on his way to the airport, but he can stop by.’ And just like that, magic happened.”

A happy day for Jen: She said on a radio show that she is happier than ever these days

Jen was overjoyed as she revealed on a radio show that she is currently experiencing a high level of happiness. The founder of JLo Beauty mentioned being in the studio when a certain person dropped by unexpectedly. “I played the record for him. He absolutely loved it… Then I decided to show him something I had been working on,” she spoke happily. The person in question heard Cambia EL Paso and expressed his interest in being a part of it as well. Without any hesitation, Jen agreed, but under the condition that he record his part right away. Surprisingly, he agreed, even instructing his manager to have his private jet wait on the runway so that he could lay down his vocals on the spot.

Later on, she mentioned that the video was completed in just a few days in Miami.

Her director: The siren said: 'I love the idea of just saying to them, here it is, let's put it out right now. I'm going to shoot a video. I know who I'm calling, who can pull it together quick. Called my boy, Jesse Terrero. Said, let's do this. He was like, yep. I could shoot in seven days, eight days, I was like, okay'

The artist shared how the idea to create a video came about effortlessly, with just a simple call to her friend Jesse Terrero. Within a week, they were already planning to shoot the video. She expressed her excitement for the project, showcasing her love for the creative process.

During her time in the Dominican Republic filming “Shotgun Wedding,” she found a sense of contentment in being alone. This period of self-reflection allowed her to embrace her life, her work, and her personal growth. She highlighted the importance of finding joy and inspiration in oneself.

Contrary to popular belief, Jennifer revealed that she doesn’t need heartbreak to fuel her creativity. In fact, she feels most inspired when she’s in a good place emotionally. Returning from the Dominican Republic, she immediately felt the urge to hit the studio and start working on new music.

She looks half her age: Lopez did not cover up much for the fun beach shoot as she here makes the most of her bottom in Levi's cut off shorts

Lopez appeared incredibly youthful, showing off her figure in a playful beach photoshoot wearing Levi’s denim cut-off shorts. Her age-defying beauty was on full display as she confidently flaunted her toned physique.

A wild mane: Her hair was up then down as she showed off her highlighted locks

With a wild mane cascading in waves, she proudly displayed her newly highlighted locks, changing from an updo to flowing freely.
Her upcoming track marks her return to the music scene after the release of “In The Morning” in November 2020.
On Instagram, she shared that the song is filled with symbolism, touching on one-sided relationships and the importance of self-growth. She emphasized the need to value oneself and leave behind those who don’t appreciate all that you offer.
“Cambia El Paso” comes after a long gap of seven years since her last studio album, “A.K.A.” in 2014.
It wasn’t specified when Jennifer recorded her post, but she was seen rocking her curly hair while out and about on Wednesday.
Earlier on the same day, her partner Ben Affleck was spotted leaving her Bel Air residence, taking a moment to puff on a cigarette.
As their relationship evolves, the power couple has been traveling between their West Coast homes in recent weeks, enjoying time together.

The song happened fast: She recorded Cambia in Miami on the spot with Rauw. 'I did my vocals and we both happened to be in Miami and I didn't even think I was going to get to see him or meet him or anything. I did the record. They're like, he's in Miami, you're in Miami. I said, yeah. And they're like, have you done the vocals? He'll come by. And I said, yeah, he's on his way to the airport, but he'll stop by,' she explained

The creation of the song was quite spontaneous: She made Cambia in Miami on the fly with Rauw. ‘I laid down my vocals and we both just happened to be in Miami at the same time. I didn’t even expect to see him or meet him. I recorded the song. Then someone mentioned, he’s in Miami, you’re in Miami. I said, yup. They told me, have you finished recording your vocals? He’ll swing by. I replied, yeah, he’s headed to the airport, but he’ll stop by,’ she detailed.

A look at the video: She also walked through Miami in her lusty bra top

Watching the video, she strolled around Miami sporting a revealing bra top.

Behind the scenes of the shoot: Here she is seen in the same outfit while in a car in Miami; the shoot happened in early June on the beach and in Miami

The backstage of the photo session: In this shot, she’s wearing the same clothes, cruising in a car in Miami. The photo session took place in early June, both on the beach and in different locations around Miami.

Her full look: On set with the Miami police who shared this image on their Instagram page

Jennifer Lopez, commonly seen in Miami with her twins Emme and Max, has been spending more time in Los Angeles recently to be near Ben, who prefers to stay in the city to be close to his own children. Their rekindled romance appears to be a dream come true for Jennifer, as a source told Page Six that she always considered Ben as the one that got away. Following their casual meetups in Los Angeles, the couple went on extended vacations in Montana and Miami, where Jennifer resides with her twins.

She has moved on: She said the Cambio song was about not being afraid to move on from something that no longer worked; seen with ex Alex Rodriguez

She has chosen to move forward: According to her, the Cambio song is all about embracing change and not being afraid to let go of things that are no longer serving us well; a sentiment clearly reflected in her relationship with former partner Alex Rodriguez.

Rekindled romance: The singer's new romance with Ben is a second chance, as  she saw him as 'the one that got away' after the 2004 break-up, a source told Page Six last month

A source revealed that the singer has found a new spark in her romance with Ben, who she considered ‘the one that got away’ after their break-up in 2004. Rumor has it that she might be considering a move back to Los Angeles, as she has been spotted checking out schools in the area.
Their relationship seems to be growing stronger, with Ben planning to stay in LA long-term to be closer to his kids from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner. Recently, the couple was seen getting cozy and sharing a kiss during a dinner at Nobu Malibu, rumored to be in celebration of her sister’s birthday. Even her son Max had no problem interrupting their romantic moment with his presence.

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