“From Hollywood to Moscow: Jennifer Lawrence heats up the screen as a lethal Russian spy in Red Sparrow’s thrilling trailer, complete with steamy kisses and seductive swimsuits!”

On Thursday, the initial teaser of Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie Red Sparrow was revealed. In this movie, the 27-year-old actress plays the role of a spy named Dominika Egorova who is a former ballerina and now works for the Russian security service where she seduces enemies. The trailer displays Jennifer confidently walking by a pool in a stunning cut-out swimsuit and later sharing a kiss with co-star Joel Edgerton.

Terrified: Jennifer Lawrence has admitted she was 'terrified' about stripping naked to play a Russian seductress in the espionage thriller Red Sparrow (pictured) 

Jennifer Lawrence’s latest film, Red Sparrow, has released its new trailer, showcasing the actress as the ultimate seductress. The Oscar winner is seen flaunting her cleavage in a bold one-piece suit, highlighting her svelte figure. Portraying the character of a Russian spy, she is put through rigorous training to become a seductive weapon, eliminating enemies using her body. The trailer opens with Jennifer wearing a red dress and sitting anxiously on a bed while a clock ticks in the background. The scene intensifies when a man enters the room, placing his belongings on the dresser.

Sizzling: The trailer shows Jennifer strutting by a pool in a revealing cut-out bathing suit before sharing a smooch with her co-star Joel Edgerton

The preview exhibits Jennifer confidently walking near a swimming pool in a bikini with daring cut-outs, followed by a romantic kiss with her on-screen partner Joel Edgerton. The scene is absolutely breathtaking.

Quite the eyeful: The Academy Award winning star revealed her cleavage in the bold one-piece, revealing her slender frame

Quite the eyeful: The Academy Award winning star revealed her cleavage in the bold one-piece, revealing her slender frame

The famous celebrity, who has won an Academy Award, sported a daring one-piece outfit that showcased her slim figure and revealed a generous amount of cleavage, making it quite a sight to behold.

Sultry: The character, who was formerly a ballerina, became trained against her will to be a seductress to take out enemies of the state

The protagonist, who once pursued a career in ballet, was unwillingly groomed to be a seductive agent tasked with eliminating threats to the government.

Catching his eye: Joel's character appears mesmerized by Jennifer in a risque bathing suit

Joel’s character is completely captivated by Jennifer’s alluring bathing suit. As she gazes in his direction, he instructs her to shed her dress. The trailer then takes a dark turn as we witness a man struggling for breath and Jennifer striding confidently along a red carpeted building, draped in an elegant black gown. Nathaniel Nash, a CIA officer, provides the voiceover narration for the trailer.

Jumpy: The film's trailer opens with a nerve wracking start, featuring a red dress wearing Jennifer sitting nervously on a bed

The start of the movie preview for Jumpy is quite intense as we see Jennifer, dressed in a striking red gown, sitting anxiously on the edge of her bed.

Electric: he scene follows with a man about to be suffocated and a Jennifer strutting down a red carpeted building in a glamorous black dress

The electrifying scene unveils a man on the verge of suffocation while Jennifer, donning a stunning black dress, walks down a red carpeted building. The man divulges the details of the sparrow program, which trains young officers to use seduction and manipulation to achieve their objectives. He describes Jennifer’s character as the epitome of this program, showcasing a montage of her transformation into a seductress. The clip showcases Jennifer’s evolution from a timid officer to a confident platinum blonde, along with her various disguises as a Russian Intelligence agent.

Before: This includes her as a terrified innocent officer forced to become a sparrow

After: It involves her as a frightened and inexperienced agent pressured into becoming a sparrow.

Chilling: Her character was seen getting tortured at one point by Russian intelligence in what appeared to be her training

Relaxing: In one scene, the character was subjected to torture by Russian intelligence, presumably as part of her training.

After: To a platinum blonde Jennifer strutting confidently in all black

To a self-assured Jennifer with platinum blonde hair, confidently striding in her all-black ensemble.

A mystery: Jennifer's disguises as the Russian Intelligence agent were included in the trailer

A mystery: Jennifer's disguises as the Russian Intelligence agent were included in the trailer

It’s a curious case: Jennifer’s role as a Russian Intelligence agent is revealed in the trailer for the upcoming spy movie. The film was shot in various locations including Budapest, Bratislava, London, and Austria earlier this year. Francis Lawrence, known for directing Jennifer in The Hunger Games franchise, is at the helm for Red Sparrow. The movie is based on a book written by Jason Matthews, a former CIA officer. Alongside Jennifer, the film also features Jeremy Irons, Mary Louise Parker, and Charlotte Rampling. Audiences in the US and UK can catch the movie when it hits theaters in March 2018.

Before it all: Prior to being forced into her role as an agent/seductress, her character was a ballerina; pictured sporting a red tutu during a performance

In the beginning, before she was coerced into her position as a spy/temptress, her character had a background as a ballerina, as seen in a photo of her wearing a vibrant red tutu during a performance.

At work: One scene showed Jennifer opening her legs to seduce a man at a bar

During work hours, Jennifer was depicted in a particular scene where she tempted a man at a bar by spreading her legs.

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