Exploring Her Rockstar Persona: Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Her Musical Path with Lars Ulrich

Miley Cyrus feels like a true rock star when she dons Gucci’s coat, just as her Hannah Montana alter ego predicted more than ten years ago. Despite experimenting with various genres over the course of her career, the 28-year-old singer has fully embraced her rock persona with confidence and a powerful voice that can rival any guitar. Her latest album, Plastic Hearts, has further cemented her position as a rock artist, while her cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” for The Metallica Blacklist tribute album showcases her authentic rock identity. During a conversation with Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, Cyrus expressed her excitement about their upcoming collaboration and her recent festival appearances, including her performance at Lollapalooza. Despite a year and a half hiatus from performing, Cyrus took to the stage without warm-ups or club shows, experiencing a mix of fear and anxiety that comes with live music before relishing in the judgment-free atmosphere of entertaining a live audience.

Buci designed the ensemble, while Gucci provided the shoes and socks. Ulrich and Cyrus chatted about their experiences over the past 18 months, acknowledging that although they may not have endured similar trials as others, they still felt the pandemic’s impact. Cyrus compared her performance to Marilyn Monroe’s troop shows, providing a glimmer of hope during a bleak period. The conversation then shifted to their sentiments when performing on stage, both concurring that it was a tranquil break from the world’s pandemonium. They also touched on how lyrics play a crucial role in music, specifically citing “Nothing Else Matters” as the only song that Cyrus could envision performing at Glastonbury.

In 2014, during the legendary Glastonbury festival, the band donned Miu Miu clothing and a custom headpiece by Nicholas Des Jardins for their performance. The group initially had concerns about being accepted by the English press and attendees, but they managed to create an atmosphere of unity and togetherness that made them feel safe and welcome. Unlike other festivals, Glastonbury stood out for its lack of corporate energy and the strong sense of community present. The Blacklist album, featuring diverse artists such as Elton John, Yo-Yo Ma, and Miley Cyrus, is an inclusive reflection of this spirit of acceptance and celebration of all individuals. In a year characterized by division and isolation, the importance of togetherness and shared experiences has become even more evident. Feeling connected to others is a fundamental human need that gives us strength and power.

The collaboration between CYRUS and Metallica is a unique blend that represents pushing the boundaries. Together, they covered the classic song “Nothing Else Matters,” and it fits seamlessly with CYRUS’s style as if it was written for her. This collaboration has not only solidified her passion for the song but also allowed her fans to relate to it in a new way. Similarly, when she covered “Jolene,” she experienced the freedom of not having to create the song from scratch. Metallica started their journey by playing lesser-known covers and learned the value of reworking other people’s music to create something great. They always have an eye on the future and believe that their best works are yet to come.

The ensemble includes a bodysuit by Judy Turner, bikini bottom from Mirror Palais, socks made by Brother Vellies, and Versace shoes. Ulrich expresses gratitude towards Cyrus and her team for their efforts on the project, specifically mentioning Elton John’s intro and Yo-Yo Ma’s contribution. They chat about the recording process, and how Cyrus felt more connected to the song because it was deeply embedded in her soul. The pandemic led her to record the vocals at home, and it was an intense experience that matched the lyrics. Cyrus shares how singing in a lower range is authentic to her voice and allows her to express herself genuinely. Ulrich is thrilled to hear the song again, recalling his attendance at Cyrus’ performance at the Chris Cornell tribute in L.A. two years ago.

Gucci has recently unveiled a new collection of socks and briefs. During a recent chat, Cyrus and Ulrich talked about their shared experience playing “Say Hello 2 Heaven” at a tribute concert for Chris Cornell. Cyrus revealed his deep connection with Cornell’s daughters, whom he met while filming Hannah Montana. He felt honored to be part of such a meaningful memorial. Additionally, Cyrus expressed gratitude for his band’s unwavering support. They have been together since he was just 12 years old, and they remain a tight-knit group even today. Ulrich commended the authenticity of Cyrus’s band and their ability to transform his original songs into rocking hits. The two musicians ended their conversation by expressing appreciation for each other’s collaborations and confirming plans to meet up at BottleRock.

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