“Exclusive Interview: Shakira Talks About Motherhood and Love with Gerard Pique in ‘Latino’ Magazine’s April 2014 Issue”

In the upcoming April 2014 issue of Latina magazine, which will be available on newsstands starting March 11, Shakira looks stunning and glamorous on the cover.

Shakira for Latina Magazine April 2014

The celebrity, who is 37 years old, recently spoke to a magazine about the impact her son has had on her life. She explained that he has taught her to simplify things because he requires a lot of her time. As a result, she has learned to be more straightforward in her approach to work.

Shakira Behind the Scenes of Latina Magazine - April 2014 - YouTube

Shakira shared that she and her partner, Gerard Pique, share a striking similarity in personalities. They both want, like, and hate the same things, and they have the same level of passion for life. They often wonder how it is possible for them to get along so well despite their similarities. On a different note, Shakira talked about her new album and mentioned how her manager initially planned to complete it in two months. However, she predicted that it would take two years to complete, which turned out to be accurate.

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