Emma Watson’s Timeless Elegance Shines Through as She Channels Vintage Movie Star Curls, Bringing Back the Grace of Her Teen Years.

When it comes to Emma Watson, I used to be a huge fan. I knew everything from the names of her cats to what she did for her 5th birthday party. Keep in mind that this was before Instagram and Twitter, so we didn’t have access to celebrities’ personal lives like we do now.

To put it simply, when I was using Hearstwatson.net (the only core social media at the time), it was my most visited internet page. As soon as I saw this hairstyle on her Instagram story, I was instantly transported to obsessing over teen Emma.

Although Emma has mostly sported pixie cuts, choppy layers, and wispy bobs in her adult years (which she still wears today), back in the 2000s she favored a soft curl, loose golden wave, and even bouncy big curls like those Old Hollywood movie star curls she wore to an event for her and her brother Alex’s new gin brand, RENAISSANCE.

While Hermione is a well-known character worldwide, her actual identity as a teenager is not as familiar.

The floodgates of magazine shoots and premieres are opening up in my mind. I can’t help but reminisce about the time when I saw her twin back at the premiere of Tales of Despereaux in 2008, when she was just 18 years old. Perhaps you missed this movie, but you’ve probably seen the meme of the little white mouse in bed with the massive ears? Yes, that movie. (I told you I was a fanatic.)

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