“Chilly Nips and Heart-Shaped Pasties: Miley Cyrus Cracks a Joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live”

On Wednesday, Miley Cyrus caught Jimmy Kimmel off guard with her choice of attire. The 22-year-old artist boldly wore heart-shaped pasties that were impossible to overlook as she stepped onto the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live. To complete her look, she paired the pink pasties with a short, dark metallic jacket and a matching sequined skirt. A video of the incident is available below.

Miley Cyrus, known for her bold and controversial style, made quite a statement during her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. The pop singer donned pink heart-shaped pasties on her chest, prompting a humorous exchange with host Jimmy Kimmel. Despite the revealing outfit, Miley joked about feeling cold and even advised Jimmy to focus on her eyebrows instead. The former Hannah Montana star certainly knows how to keep things interesting.

The celebrity guest graced the talk show before taking on the role of awards host for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards happening on Sunday.

Jimmy appeared quite frazzled during his interview with Miley, as he posed a rather awkward question about what her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, thinks about her revealing outfits on TV. In response, Miley playfully retorted that her dad is clueless when it comes to operating the television. She even showed off some heart-shaped designs near her eyes, complementing her look with dangling earrings. Miley then went on to reveal her dad’s preference for her to be a good person, even if it means having her ‘t**s out’, instead of being a mean person with her shirt on.

The sensational singer, Miley Cyrus, revealed a heart-shaped nipple cover in an Instagram post that was shared by her mother Tish. The snapshot was taken backstage just before she made her appearance on the show, Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Preparing for her performance, Miley was captured in a photo where her mother was seen securing her microphone. During their lively chat, Jimmy suggested that Miley keep her arms down. Miley then shared her views on nudity, stating that it’s not the human breast that’s controversial but rather the nipple. She highlighted that exposing “underboob” is acceptable, while the nipple remains the main concern.

During an open and honest discussion, Miley Cyrus attributed nipple-related incidents as the cause for certain problems.

It was quite uncomfortable for Jimmy as he struggled to maintain eye contact with Miley during their interview. According to Miley, she bought her pasties from a store on Hollywood Boulevard. The pop star also expressed her enthusiasm for hosting the MTV Video Music Awards at the Microsoft Theater in downtown LA this coming Sunday. During the event, she will present Kanye West with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award, and in jest, she shared her concern that Kanye might push her off the stage.

Ali Wentworth made a bold fashion statement by flaunting her silver pasties during her appearance on the show, potentially starting a new trend.

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