“Blending Families: Warriors Star’s Father Finds Love Again with Step Mom After Divorce”

In a recent media appearance, Dell Curry, the proud papa of Golden State Warriors sensation Steph Curry, announced that he tied the knot again after his split with Sonya.

The divorce between the couple was far from a private affair, as accusations of cheating and other misbehavior were hurled back and forth. The situation became so abhorrent that Stephen took it upon himself to shout out to his younger brother Seth, who played for the Philadelphia 76ers, just to let him know he still cared. Despite the father and eldest son seemingly maintaining their relationship, rumors abound that the divorce may have caused them to grow apart.

Sonya initiated divorce proceedings in a North Carolina court, and the duo expressed their mutual sorrow over the end of their marriage following considerable deliberation. Nevertheless, it appears that Dell has moved on rapidly by tying the knot once more after choosing to remain on the East Coast.

“Absolutely,” he agreed with the Charlotte Observer. It’s great news. I was feeling lost after my divorce and was considering moving to the West Coast. I made a decision not to follow my sons’ advice and decided to stick it out and stay for a while.

My acquaintances introduced me to the woman who later became my wife, and it was only the second time I had seen her. After a month of speaking over the phone, we finally met in person, and I immediately fell for her. It was strange because I had previously decided not to get married again, yet I am happier than ever. Everything is perfect right now – my home life is stable, my children’s families are healthy and content, and they all approve of my new relationship. Seeing Sonya cheer on her son during the NBA Finals in June made me realize that she is ready to move on, and fans on social media were quick to notice and share their thoughts about us being together.

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